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The Pearl Foundation (named after Janis Ian's mother, Pearl) is an IRS-approved (501[c][3]) non-profit organization. It was formed after the Janis Ian Online Auction, through which Janis and her fans raised over $73,000 to fund college scholarships for returning students. That money was used immediately to fund a perpetual scholarship at Goddard College, Pearl's alma mater. Shortly after, Janis and her partner Pat formed the Pearl Foundation, in order to continue the spirit of hope and charity that imbued the online auction.

Mission Statement: We believe that knowledge is the greatest gift you can offer. We also believe that people are essentially good, and those who have extra resources through talent or birth are often moved to help others not so fortunate. Through education, we can change people's lives and make the world a better place.

We remember that Janis Ian's mother Pearl, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, was given a new lease on life because of her time at Goddard College's program for returning students . We aim, in our own small way, to provide that "new lease" to all our participants.

The Pearl Foundation is funded solely through the donations of fans, friends, and Janis Ian and Patricia Snyder. We don't have board meetings in Puerto Rico or pay any salaries; everything but our tax preparation is donated.

The students: We endow a scholarship at a school, with the proviso that first preference be given to students who have been out of school (whether elementary, secondary, or college) more than five years. These are called "returning students" and often need financial help more than younger students who have never been in the work force or taken on the obligations of family, mortgage, etc. Our scholarship monies have been used to provide everything from tuition to day care for these students.

Scholarships are provided without regard to gender, race, creed, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or other limiting factors.

Where we are now (updated January 2015): The Pearl Foundation currently has five perpetual scholarships running: two at Berea College, Kentucky, one at Warren Wilson College, North Carolina, one (privately funded by Janis and her partner, Pat, but still under the Pearl Foundation) at the University of Tennessee College of Law, and the aforementioned scholarship at Goddard College, Vermont. As of January, 2015, we will have given away more than $810,000 to provide scholarships at these institutions. We have done this without advertising, without grants, without a fundraiser or staff. We are proud of that!

Where does the money come from?

  1. Net profits from Janis Ian merchandise sold at shows and through the website are donated to the Pearl Foundation. This means that for every item you buy, some percentage is going back to scholarship funding.
  2. There are donation buttons throughout the site; 100% of these monies go to the Foundation.
  3. On tour, there is a "tip jar" on the merchandise table. 100% of money going into the "tip jar" at shows is donated to the Foundation.
  4. We have fans who tithe regularly, or send contributions when they can. We have received anything from $1.00 to $10,000 in this manner.
  5. Through eBay's Giving Works: If you shop or sell through eBay you can choose the Pearl Foundation as your favorite charity and we will receive a portion of the money from each transaction. It costs you nothing.

Additionally, we offer special merchandise items through the Janis Ian website and Rude Girl Express mail orders. 100% of sales on these items are donated directly to the Pearl Foundation, and checks should be made out accordingly. These monies are deductible for you to the extent allowable by the IRS.

Thank you for your support, thank you for listening!

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